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Power Generation, 
CANDU Nuclear Services & Renewables 

Wind turbine | non destructive testing
Key personnel employed by Specialized NDE have provided services and support to Canadian power generation and nuclear power clients for more than two decades. From performing Phased Array UT inspections on fossil station power piping, Phased Array on new hydro electric penstock welds to AUT on CANDU nuclear steam generator tubing, we have been relied upon and trusted to get the work done. 
Wind towers and wind turbines have recently made an appearance on the Canadian landscape. These giant structures made from steel up to 65mm thick required inspection during manufacturing. Specialized NDE has been a key provider of inspection services and consulting since 2011 both at facilities in Canada and the USA. Key clients in this sector included Siemens, GE, Vestas, Gamesa and Enercon.

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