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Ultrasonic Inspections | Non-destructive test
Visual Inspection (VT) VT inspection is used as the first line of NDT/NDE Inspections. Our VT services cover:
  • VT inspection of parts and components
  • VT borescopic inspections
  • Remote video inspections (ROV)
  • Drone inspections (UAV)
Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT) The PT method is used for detecting surface breaking defects not always visible to the naked eye. It is used most commonly for the inspection of non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, plastics and ceramics. We can offer in-house or field services for this inspection method.
X-Ray/Radiography (RT) RT is one of the oldest methods used in NDT/NDE today. We can offer clients a variety of RT services such as portable X-Ray, Radiography, Digital Radiography (DR) as well as Computed Radiography (CR).
Welding Inspection (CWB/AWS) When it comes to welding quality, we are able to provide you with welding inspectors, working to various codes, their role is key in monitoring that the correct welding techniques and procedures are being followed during production.
Non Destructive Testing and 
Non Destructive Evaluation Services
For today’s clients there are more options than ever to facilitate your inspection requirements. It is our aim to provide you with the best inspection solutions necessary to meet your needs. From complex inspections to simple tests, Specialized NDE will ensure you get quality results. Our reliable and knowledgeable NDT field technicians utilize the latest equipment, technology and procedures to perform the necessary inspections you require.
Inspections are offered in the following conventional methods:
Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) Our extensive UT services cover:
  • UT Shear wave inspection of welds
  • UT on forgings and castings
  • Thickness testing & corrosion monitoring
  • Phased array flaw detection
  • Flaw sizing and monitoring
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) MT Inspection is used to detect surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as carbon steel. We can support inspections using the following equipment:
  • Portable AC or DC yokes for field work
  • We have a fixed wet bench for inspection of large volumes of parts
  • Colour contrast, dry powder and fluorescent particle techniques available
Eddy Current Inspection (ET) ET can be used for the inspection of ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic materials. We can provide clients with solutions for the inspection of heat exchanger or cooler tubing from the inside diameter as well as using it for the detection of cracking in welds through painted surface and coatings without removal on components such as crane booms, or bridges. It is also utilized extensively for the inspection of aircraft components and composites.
Our NDE/NDT Inspections are performed in accordance with various codes and standards such as CSA, CWB, ASME, ASTM, AWS, API, EN.

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